dreams_cametrue (dreams_cametrue) wrote in macgyver101,

I believe this fits here

Two weekends ago I drove the old Aztek from Columbia, SC to Parsippany, NJ for a model car show. I arrived late on Friday night and my friend who traveled with me recommended we have dinner in a 24 hour diner near where we were staying. When we finished dinner (at 10:30PM, mind you) the fuel pump was deader than Elvis. I had recently found corrosion on the large wiring connector where the fuel gauge, fuel pump, etc. connect to the body of the car so that was the first place I checked. Sure enough, one of the contacts in the fuel pump harness had broken and wasn't making good contact. As any good MacGyver wannabe would do I improvised. I used my pliers to bend the spiral wire binding from a road atlas until the wire broke off then I formed the wire into a facsimile of an electrical contact. Then I jammed it down into the connector and clipped the connector to the harness in the body of the car.

Success! The repair not only got us back to the motel but held up for the entire drive back to South Carolina.
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