Vixen in Sensible Shoes (queenlyzard) wrote in macgyver101,
Vixen in Sensible Shoes

3 quick examples:

1)  Good MacGyvering: my roommate took the automatic timer from last X-mas's decorative lights and plugged the hall light into it instead.  Now we can come home to a lit house without leaving the lights on all day.

2) Bad MacGyvering: the people who owned the house before my roommate decided to run a copper water pipe from the gas line to a gas-powered clothes dryer.  The other day we smelled gas and called the maintenance guy, who had a fit when he saw the pipe.  Turns out gas has a tendency to corrode copper pipes.  Now we have to replace it with a steel pipe before we can do any more laundry.

3) Silly MacGyvering (my most frequent kind): I have a queen-size bed, and a tendency to tangle the blankets like crazy in my sleep.  So,  after making the bed, I pin one side down with heavy boxes (along the length of the bed).  Rather than pulling the blankets down to get into bed, I open them along the long side.  And they no longer are tangled when I wake up (also, the box nearest my head serves as a nightstand).  In addition, my mattress is raised 3 feet off the floor on a platform built of 2X4, so I can store stuff under it.  My desk has been similarly lofted so that I can sit on the foot of my bed and work at the desk comfortably.  I plan to build pull-out drawers under both (any suggestions for doing this on the cheap?).  All in all, it makes my tiny room seem about twice the size.
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