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macgyver101's Journal

Conquer the World with a Paperclip!
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This is not a media fan site! They exist, but this isn't one.

This is a forum for sharing stories about Macgyvering -- creating nifty and useful things with what is readily available at hand.

From on-the-spot home maintenance to emergency clothing repair, from inventing cool activities for your kid's birthday party to repairing your car with chicken wire... if you can make anything from anything else, you're a MacGyver at heart.

Come! Share your stories about your home-made contraptions, the time you rigged up a treehouse refrigerator using only a toy set, the shoes you fixed with duct-tape, your secret for opening your locker door with stickytack and a safety-pin...

Or else, pose a problem for other members to answer! What's a cheap way to get this dead branch out of my tree? How can I improvise an emergency air-freshener? What can I use to make shoelaces? How do I build a level table without using a level?

No problem is too petty! No solution is too simple! If you've found a new (and preferably cheaper) way to do something, we want to know about it!!

Suggested Reading: (personal suggestion only-- these authors/publishers have nothing to do with this livejournal community and do not endorse it in any way, etc., insert standard disclaimers here..)

- "What Would MacGyver Do?: True Stories of Improvised Genius in Everyday Life" by Brendan Vaughan

- "The Unofficial MacGyver How-To Handbook" by Bret Terrill; Greg Dierkers

- "The Duct Tape Guys" books

A few caveats:

- This community makes no claims about the safety or efficacy of any Macgyverisms discussed here. If you plan a project involving electricity, gas/water pipes, chemicals, explosives, fire, or other potentially hazardous materials, please consult an official source to be sure that what you are doing is safe and legal. Please do not post suggestions for projects that are unsafe or illegal.

- This is a public forum, and currently unmoderated. Please help me keep it that way-- don't spam, troll, or flame, and if your story involves obscenity (for example, if you list the things you said when you hit your thumb with a hammer!), put it under an lj cut to keep us workplace- and kid-friendly.